The Royal Cuisines, presently referred as the genuine Korean Traditional Cuisines, is designated as an Intangible Cultural Asset by the government. Hwang Hae-sung (The 2nd Generation Professional Holder) inherited and succeeded the deceased chief cuisine court lady, Han Hee-soon(The 1st Generation Professional Holder) who had served Gojong(Reign: Year 1863-1907) and Sunjong(Reign: Year 1907-1910), the last two emperors of Joseon Dynasty. Despite incessant talks of Royal Cuisine, the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine is the only place where Tradition of Korean Royal Cuisine is truly being succeeded.

The Institute of Korean Royal Cuisines has been established by Master Hwang Hae-sung as an institute to entrust Royal Cuisine in 1971 when the Joseon Dynasty Royal Cuisines had been selected as the No.38 valuable Intangible Cultural Asset. The Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine has been placed as the best institute for leading Korean traditional cuisines culture through activities such as Royal Cuisine transmission education and publication of cook books, etc.

For the past 30 years, The Institute of Korean Royal Cuisines has studied and published various Korean traditional cuisine not just on Royal Cuisine but local cuisines as well. Furthermore, we have been searching continuously for finding solutions to globalize Korean traditional cuisine. Experiences and data accumulated have made Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine the head house of Korean cuisine culture, and at the same time, became background for providing food related consultation and business opportunities to various corporations and groups.

With background of Respecting and Sharing mind, the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine will try our best to represent professional research and educational institution of Korean food culture in the future through Professionalization and Globalization of Royal Cuisine, Raising Professionals for Traditional Cuisine and Food Culture Data Collection and Research.